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How to build a successful career in Software development: Meglena Lukanova, Team Lead at LimeChain




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Meglena Lukanova, Team Lead LimeChain: “Born and raised in Sofia, studied in the greatest high school there is – Sofia High School of Mathematics. Dealing with tech problems since 2011. Currently I’m Team Lead in Limechain.”

What inspired you to pursue a career in computer science? Was it a personal ambition, somebody that you admired, who motivated you, or was it a pivoting moment?

I started learning programming in 8th grade as part of the standard program in my school. The first year I hated it! I never wanted to be in that class and couldn’t wait for it to finish. Even the fact that I broke my right hand didn’t get me out of it for long enough. Then 2 years later a young lady came and started teaching us algorithms. The next year another one showed us how to create simple web pages. They both inspired me and made programming something I want to pursue and invest my time in. At the time there weren’t that many girls that wanted to be software engineers so having two ladies teach me with such passion made me believe I can do it too. Having a good mentor/teacher that can show you how something considered boring by most of your friends can be really interesting if you have the imagination is really valuable at a young age and can change your life.

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