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About us: Who are we and what we do?

We started the company in 2017 when four friends Nick, George, Chris and Vlad had the vision that blockchain is the technology of the future. Now, almost five years later, LimeChain is among the leading companies in the blockchain and Web3 space. We have more than 150+ projects behind us, and +140 Ethereum Mainnet contracts, and our experience in the development of Web3 solutions establishes us as one of the most sought-after providers in the industry.

What they say about us in the media?

Tech stack and projects

There are about 100 professionals in LimeChain who work on some of the most exciting and innovative projects such as CUDOS, Hedera, The Graph, EnterDAO, and others. Thus, we help develop various aspects and components of the modern Web3 ecosystem such as network infrastructure, DeFi, Metaverse, and Web3 gaming.

LimeChain Career path

The career opportunities in LimeChain are numerous – starting from Junior Developer, the path of a specialist could go through different directions. The diverse nature of the projects we work on implies a well-balanced team capable of covering a wide range of technical disciplines. As a result, our talents have the opportunity to choose specialization paths, depending on their interests.

Culture and mission:


Our work leaves a mark in the world of Web 3.0 and we are proud of it.


Innovation is embedded in our DNA, and it fuels us to overcome challenges.


We are curious and creative explorers who thrive when being part of new technologies and challenges.


We are good friends - we welcome feedback with an open heart and are ready to lend a hand to a Lime in need.

See what else we like to do together (except working)

We believe that work & play should go hand in hand. Just like beer and the sea.

LongevIT: Peak Performance for IT People

LongevIT (from longevity in English) is a joint project for IT people between LimeChain and Superman with Georgi Nenov. In a mini-series of 8 episodes, we will find the answer to the question that IT professionals are increasingly asking themselves: What is peak performance, and how to reach and keep it?

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Benefits: From us to you

Car Allowance

The program provides financial assistance for the purchase of a personal car on lease after the second year of internship in the company

Team building and activities

Our two big team building events in spring and autumn are emblematic for us. And every month we do different activities together.

Trainings and conferences

The thirst for knowledge and development for us is like the lime in our Mojito - they go hand in hand. That is exactly why we organize regular knowledge-sharing sessions and conference visits.

Medical care

We provide additional health insurance and dental care. Health comes first.

Annual leave

Between 20 - 25 days, starting from 20, after the first and second year in LimeChain you get 1 extra day each, and in the third - 3 more, reaching 25 days of paid vacation.

Flexible working time

You can start earlier or finish later. Also, each Lyme is allowed to work from a location other than the office within 2 days per week.

Open positions

Core Tech







Lime Office

Not finding the role for you?


The Academy is LimeChain’s educational program that provides quality blockchain education to developers who want to transition into blockchain development.

During the training, you will work on real Web3 projects and be mentored by software developers with extensive experience in blockchain technologies. And after successful completion, the best can get a job offer.

Internship Opportunities

Blog: Learn more about us

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Behind the scenes: The role of Blockchain developer

What makes the work of a blockchain developer exciting and challenging? We speak behind the scenes with LimeChain's Martin Dobrev.

Inside LimeChain: How a Sofia-based blockchain pioneer fosters innovation with global impact?


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